A short course on Digital Responsibilities

In April, I will be launching the C-Pod on Digital Responsibilities at Western Sydney University as part of the 21C Project .

Curiosity Pods (typically 15 to 30 hours of student learning effort) are designed as bite sized learning available to all students at WSU regardless of the course they are enrolled in.

I have developed this course with a range of partners including students, researchers from the WSU’s Young and Resilient Research Centre, and the community organisation WESNET.

The video and the course descriptions below provide an introduction about the themes and the issues discussed in the C-Pod.

Digital Responsibilities
Digital technologies are reworking our social and intimate relationships. While they often allow us to communicate and interact efficiently and creatively, digital technologies are also enabling new online harms that have real consequences for many people. In this c-pod, we explore the implications of online harms for different social groups and develop strategies to address online harmful practices.

This Curiosity Pod will give you a chance to:

  • understand digital responsibilities and the actors involved in online spaces;
  • reflect on the experiences and the implications of online harms for different social groups;
  • develop safe and effective strategies to deal with online harms as individuals, professionals and organisations

You can find more information about the C-Pod here.

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