Luigi Di Martino

I am a PhD Candidate with the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, Australia. My current research project examines the use of social media in Public Diplomacy. In particular, the research seeks to explore configurations and interactions within international publics during significant international events, such as the G20 2014 in Brisbane and the EXPO 2015 in Milan, offering an account about the complex effects of technology on international communication, intersection between online and offline diplomatic practices, as well as between “traditional” and “new” media. I am employing a mixed data capturing approach, scraping data from Google News, Twitter (tracking the conversation related to the most popular hashtags related to the case studies) and Facebook (foreign offices and embassies pages), visualising engagement over the time (likes and comments, mentions and retweets), mapping users’ geo-spatial location, the kind and the flow of information (controversies), interactions and networks.

I am also Vice President of Com.It.Es. NSW (Committee of Italians Abroad, NSW).



Master’s degree in Politics of International Relations, Lumsa, Rome (2011).

Bachelor’s degree in Political, Social, and International Science, Lumsa, Rome (2009).

Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science, Lumsa, Rome (2007).



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