Introducing social media analytics

In this talk, Dr Luigi Di Martino introduces social media analytics. He covers the rise of ‘big data’, its opportunities and its limitations for producing knowledge about social phenomena in the 21st Century. Luigi outlines the steps and decision making processes that data analysts go through when determining what data to collect, where to place the boundaries on their research projects, what platforms and communities to analyse, and which theoretical concepts and ideas to use in order to facilitate data analysis and interpretation. This talk was created for Western Sydney University postgraduate students studying digital research methods.

Public diplomacy early career debate

In this debate chaired by Dr Luigi Di Martino in his role of Student & Early Career Representative of the ICA PD Interest group, Dr Lisa Tam of the Queensland University of Technology and Dr Eriks Varpahovskis of the HSE University discuss the following proposition: “As trust in social media crumbles, are these platforms still adequate for public diplomacy?”.
The Debate was a joint event of the ICA Public Diplomacy Interest Group and the ISA International Communication Section.